International Business Engineers

Beceptum -

International bridge builders between economy, financial and public sector

We provide our clients the highest value in business development by effectively combining political, economic and financial interests into comprehensive business and contract models.

Beceptum -

Initiators and implementers of your business development

We support our customers throughout the life cycle of their business. With our broadly acknowledged expertise and extraordinary experience, our proven international network and our customized service portfolio, we achieve a maximum of customer benefit.

Beceptum -

Consultant, operator and financier

We take on advisory mandates for our clients and accompany the implementation. In the long term, we are also assuming operational responsibility for implementation. We structure financing, participate in projects or realize business models through joint ventures together with customers.

Our value proposition

Service offerings that bundle all our experience and expertise

  • The core team combines experience in consulting, management, sales, finance and politics.
  • We integrate controlled business development, business expansion management and investment.
  • Our service is comprehensive: from strategy and design to financing, transformation and implementation to countable and sustainable business results.

International networks that open up new potentials

  • We know and tap primarily into the Eurasian markets, their key players, and thus receive an early and detailed transparency about demand and supply as well as regarding their stakeholders.
  • We think in strategic alliances and business eco systems – thus building up new business.
  • Our far-reaching network permits flexible combination of the best capabilities and skills for individual customer success.

Business principles that create value

  • Entrepreneurship – We offer commercial flexibility with risk and gain share models
  • Sustainability – We seek new business opportunities that lead to sustainable business models
  • Partnership – We strive for long-term cooperation partnerships and customer relationships