We offer a powerful portfolio of services built on our combined expertise

At Beceptum you get a winning mix of innovative Business Strategy, Tailor Made Financial Solutions and Compelling Political Positioning – all fueled by Excellence in Execution.

Weaving the strengths of our three core business pillars, Business Studio, Financial Architecture and Eco-System Management, we create custom business development solutions that integrate the fundamental factors required in any successful business endeavor.

With a holistic approach and unwavering adherance to the principals of sustainability,  our key motivation is to achieve long-term business success together with our clients

Our Three Core Pillars

A multipronged approach is built into our business model. While generally only partial views are offered, at Beceptum we provide unparalleled solutions based on an integrated range of services and tools designed to accelerate your business growth.

Beceptum’s Business Studio is our hub of business creation – a melting pot of innovation, design, prototyping and even manufacturing. Working closely with our clients, we provide the context, tools and methodologies to find inspiration, initiate, develop and continuously refine our made-to-measure business systems.

We accompany our clients throughout the full lifecycle of their business, from advisory mandates through implementation and into operational execution. By taking a holistic view of the enterprise, we take into account the key aspects of future-proof businesses, including: value creation and growth, resilience, flexibly managing efficiencies, cost and risks, while respecting stakeholder groups, social and environmental sustainability.

Typically, the core of our mandates crystallizes in international business development missions or corporate development engagements, where we incorporate mergers & acquisitions and new service and business model development measures into international expansion agendas. During these primarily long-term engagements we put a clear focus on operational execution.

Typically, business development requires financial support as much as strategic consulting or political door opening, yet due to strict regulations this feature is sidestepped by multinational consultancies. At Beceptum we offer a unique strategic advantage in this space, as we are able to also provide custom structured financial packages for our mandates; woven directly into the DNA of our holistic business structures.

Whether with managed investment funds, co-funding or joint venture partnerships, our powerful financial tools provide the rocket-fuel for our custom-built business engines. Additionally, we are ideally positioned to support our clients when it comes to M&A transactions, new strategic partnerships with financial institutions and public funding opportunities.

To serve our clients’ individual situations, we design custom financial architecture with a blend of these approaches:

  • Structured custom financial packages
  • Managed investment funds
  • Partnership in joint ventures

Leveraging our own international economic footprint and our network of financial market professionals, we setup and manage alternative asset products to serve our client’s specific needs.  No matter what form the structure takes, we maintain an unwavering adherence to the guiding principles of sustainability, with a dedicated focus on the global megatrends of world food, resources, health, digitization and mobility.

Our key motivation is to achieve sustainable business success together with our clients. The strongest bond between business partners is a joint venture that provides the highest level of mutual commitment, joint interest and approach. Alternatively, we are very much in favor of strategic partnership constructions and participation schemes for development projects.

Being resilient and achieving your business’ sustainability targets requires nuanced process savvy. Transformational marketplaces, like we are facing today, demand a tight dialogue between all relevant actors.

Since economic, public, financial and science eco-systems do not adhere to the same structures, we leverage our managed networks in all worlds throughout international markets, facilitating accelerated exchange to the right actors at the right level.

We build international bridges between economy and public stakeholders, based on a detailed & transparent understanding of structures, relevant demands and respective agendas.

In this way our business clients benefit from effective public positioning, our public clients benefit from best-fit business eco-system solutions for their economic policy agenda – and both benefit from greater positive public recognition.

Our Service Portfolio

At Beceptum there is no mission impossible, only paths that have not yet been followed.

  • Initiation and conception of projects
  • Project management
  • Project marketing

From invention to innovation, at Beceptum we thrive when we’re spearheading new projects and explore novel business models with you. Together we will break new ground by applying our time-tested methodology, our trustworthy network and our extensive expertise for your success.

Solid craftsmanship and effective management of time, budget and quality are hallmarks of our project management philosophy. From control and communication to implementation and evaluation - we lead your projects to success with white glove service.

New business models are endeavor trips. Successful endeavors require creativity, experience and solid equipment. With these assets we support your Navigation.

  • Business model innovation processing
  • Eco-system testing
  • Transformation management

We add value to the conventional design thinking advisory process, injecting our core capability of identifying and differentiating relevant business model components by connecting eco-system partners, in an interdisciplinary manner, across our network.

This top-level eco-system functions as sounding board along the entire process, providing greater evidence, less risk of failure and a collaborative environment for implementation, execution and growth.

Beceptum is here to support your business in this transformation journey, whether as advisor or by taking operational responsibility through joint venture or shareholding structures.

Big visions and operational execution, both need a solid financial backing. We develop and implement tailor-made constructs for your business journey.

  • Business case modeling
  • Finance requirement analysis
  • Financing design and conception

Compelling business cases are much more than a mathematical exercise of translating business projects into a monthly series. From our perspective, the key is the judgement and anticipation of business and market drivers as well as the interdependencies within the business model eco-system.

As a result, we clearly see the amount of required investment and funding. But even more importantly, we see the enterprise holistically, integrating substance and characteristics related financing requirements, as well as related targets of the shareholders and stakeholders in our models.

Beceptum leverages this multi-dimensional understanding into tailor-made financing solutions and accompanies you through the full financing process.

In the most urgent situations, businesses need to stabilize their finances and improve their operations to preserve value. We bring you a qualified network of professional service providers to navigate your front-line challenges.

  • General management
  • Sales and distribution management
  • Restructuring management

Working with management, sales directors, lawyers, and other professionals, we help your company improve results for the benefit of all stakeholders. Beceptum works with short- and long-term horizons, and our efforts are designed to have immediate, material, and quantifiable positive impacts. Our team works on-site with your organization to help achieve long-term improvement and measurable, bottom-line results.

Our operative services include:

  • Whole company turnarounds and business transformation
  • Advising on employee retention plan development
  • Stakeholder management in crisis situation
  • Operational improvement including identifying cost reduction and revenue enhancement opportunities
  • M&A, including acquiring and divesting distressed assets and divisions
  • Assisting and / or operating management with business plan development

We combine key information with our extensive expertise and experience, providing our clients with qualified intelligence for profound results.

  • Intelligence collection
  • Situation analysis
  • On-site research

A typical situation analysis critically evaluates the internal and external factors and stakeholders of a business. It provides the knowledge to identify the current opportunities and challenges to organizations. When performing a situation analysis, it is important to look at several factors, such as product strengths, competitors, environment, public influence, opportunities and issues. Such an evaluation is an essential part of any major business or market activity.

Beceptum does not stop at desktop research or the use of classical instruments. We go deeper, covering on-site and in-detail a 360° perspective on the subject. Over the years, our team has built a best-in-class expertise in gathering intelligence, furthermore, developing a global network of former senior officials and executives. Information combined with knowledge and experience sums up to a qualified and evaluated intelligence, providing stable guidelines for a profound set of recommendations.

Beceptum calls the output of this process business intelligence, providing decision-makers with a more “complete picture” of ongoing corporate performance in a dynamic market environment. It is a key factor for making accurate and confident decisions.

We develop a strategy for your project’s successful delivery by gaining a clear picture of the stakeholders.

  • Identification and analysis of stakeholders
  • Stakeholder management strategy
  • Operational stakeholder management

Good stakeholder management is based on an identification and analysis. With each project Beceptum identifies and analyses the stakeholders by leveraging our extensive network from diverse industries and branches both nationally and internationally.

Applying many years of experience, our core team uncovers every possible stakeholder by taking a 360° perspective. With stakeholder mapping we then identify the interests and the relevance of the stakeholders, providing us with a better understanding of their motivations. This is the only way to develop a strategy which fits perfectly to the goals.  

Maintaining relationships is one of our core strengths. We care about our network, nurturing it with regular contact and engagement. Only with mutual trust and reliability can we achieve success in these uncertain and unpredictable times.

We accompany your communication from conception to implementation, helping navigate through difficult times.

  • Communication analysis & strategy
  • Situational communication & media strategy
  • Reputation management & storytelling

The way we communicate is often the deciding factor in success or failure.  What we say is equally important to how we say it. Beceptum supports you in analysing your communication and making it accessible for your key stakeholders and audiences. Together we will develop the right individual communication strategy for your company to adapt to future scenarios.

Sudden events, whether positive or negative, require special management. We go through every challenge with you, leveraging our eco-system and our media partners for your success.

Each of us has only one life and only one reputation. At Beceptum we are there to protect and develop your reputation like a “bodyguard”. 

Compliance is becoming an increasingly complex factor for international business.

We help you navigate this shifting landscape, leveraging a wealth of experience in a wide range of ethics & compliance regulations. Supporting with strategy and advice during the implementation of a tailor-made Compliance Management System (CMS), we ensure you are protected from risk.

  • Due diligence
  • Stakeholder intelligence
  • Compliance stress testing

Protecting companies from business risks, statutory violations and damages from both external parties and its own employees has become an issue of growing importance. On the one hand, ever more complex regulations, the internationalisation of supplier and sales markets have contributed to establishing a continual state of danger. On the other hand, company managements have been saddled with greater personal liability and prosecutions by the authorities have steadily intensified.

With a global network of investigators all over the globe, Beceptum can conduct the necessary due diligence to keep your business safe worldwide. We are committed to deliver information you can trust. Most service providers will only deliver basic legal documentation checks. Our team and international partners take a more investigative approach, going into the field and checking how the company is run, by whom, and if any red flags need to be reported.


Due Diligence vs Stress Test

Typically, due diligence aims at fulfilling legal requirements, which is often just a very basic level of investigation. This can leave you exposed to dangerous risks and unknowns.

A stress test is a new approach when looking at how best to protect your company’s interests. The stress test allows an organization to understand how effective their compliance plan is, and how their professionals will react when confronted with an unlawful or unethical situation. Working as a mystery client, our service provides not only an assessment of the actual threat level for your company but also to prove to the regulator (whether domestic or foreign) that every best effort was made to have an effective compliance program in the company.