The Beceptum Serviceportfolio

You should talk to us, if

  • You want to expand internationally in regulated or deregulating markets
  • You want to grow, and you therefore need partners and investors
  • You need support in setting up and managing international business structures
  • Your project demands strong multilateral support of the public sector
  • Are you planning an international engagement in markets you are not familiar with
  • You would like to expand your core business by leveraging platforms, eco-systems and partnerships
  • You need quick access to international sales and distribution networks
  • You are lacking personal capacity and expertise for your business development
  • You would like to contribute your products and services to international development projects


The Beceptum Service Portfolio - 6 disciplines

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  • B2B and B2G positioning and sales
  • Programs for solving offset obligations
  • Integrated business eco systems
  • Identification of takeover candidates
  • Deal shaping
  • Carve-out und post merger integration
  • Construction of financial models
  • Funding and financing support
  • Managed investment funds
  • Political positioning strategy
  • Support for public affairs across all levels
  • Managed networks
  • Positioning of foreign customers in Germany
  • Positioning across all administrative levels
  • Public-private networks / PPPs
  • Good governance programs
  • Local networks to cover demand
  • Technology cooperations

The Beceptum Service Portfolio - 8 Services

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  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Macro analysis
  • Risk intelligence analysis
  • Initiation and conception of projects
  • Project management
  • Project marketing
  • Business model innovation processing
  • Eco-system testing and verification
  • Transformtion management
  • Business case modeling
  • Investment demand analysis
  • Financing conception
  • General Management
  • Sales & Distribution Management
  • Restructuring management
  • Communication analysis & design
  • Situational communication and media strategies
  • Reputation management & storytelling
  • Identification and analysis of stakeholders
  • Stakeholder management strategy
  • Operational stakeholder management
  • Compliance stress testing
  • Stakeholder intelligence
  • Compliance intelligence